...and now the defects!

To Press or not to Press..

I currently am VERY Selective about books I take in to press due to time limitations. So if you do would like to see if I am available to take in yours, I charge $14 per book, and I always review what you want to send and either approve or reject a book and my reason as to why I cannot accept one over the other. Usually, if a book is too much of a problem child that would not improve by a press or would risk damage due to it being too fragile, etc..

Its not about the money... I won't just take all in if I don't feel its in your best interest. Why press a book and pay for the pressing if the comic doesn't truly need it?

Helpful Tips to evaluate your comic to see if it's a good candidate for pressing

First identify the defects ...both good and bad defects. Although NO defect is good...in this case, good defects can be diminished or removed by pressing, and the bad defects cannot.


  1. Dents
  2. Bends
  3. Folds
  4. Light creases
  5. Minor spine stresses
  6. Impacted corners or edges
  7. Slight warping
  8. Ripples (with no stains present)
  9. Spine rolls
  10. Waviness
  11. Stacking bends
  12. Light cover impressions


  1. Creases that break color
  2. Missing chips or pieces
  3. Tears
  4. Stains
  5. Detached staples or staple tears
  6. Spine stresses that break color
  7. Fading
  8. Fingerprints or smudges
  9. Dust shadows or sun shadows
  10. Rusted staples or rust stains
  11. Rounded or blunted corners
  12. Pen markings or printer ink
  13. Cover veins
  14. Brown or brittle cover or pages

Knowing which defects are fixable and which are NOT, hopefully gives you realistic expectations on how your book will turn out after pressing.

However, please remember Pressing DOES NOT guarantee your comic will grade higher. Grading is subjective, 9.8 for someone might be a 9.4 for another.

Don't take my word for it....take a look